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Sandra Day O’Conner – Dementia

In a letter dated October 23, 2018, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor announced that she had been diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia, probably Alzheimer’s disease, and that she was withdrawing from public life.
Justice Sandra Day O’ Connor was the first woman justice, appointed by President Reagan in 1981, where she served the Court with distinction for a quarter century. She has been widely considered a brilliant Jurist and left an indelible mark on the Court and the nation. After leaving the Supreme Court in 2006, Justice O’Connor heard cases in the courts of appeal and founded a nonprofit organization to educate K-12 students on civics.
As we think back on all our accomplishments, I am reminded that dementia affects us all at no fault of our own. This is why we all need to plan ahead. A good Estate Plan will include Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives to help with decisions when we’re not able to make those decisions ourselves. A good Estate Plan will protect our assets and plan ahead for the cost of long-term care that most often is not covered by Medicare and supplemental insurance.
If you or your loved one suffers from dementia or if you want to plan ahead for an uncertain future, let the professionals at the Malee Law Firm, P.C. help you. Call today at (570) 321-6112 to schedule a FREE initial consultation to discuss these and other Estate Planning issues.