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10 Things To Do If You Suffered An Injury At Work

  1. Notify your supervisor and fill out an incident report.  If your supervisor does not fill out or provide you with an incident report speak to their supervisor.  If you are unable to get an incident report send a dated letter informing the company of the injury.
  2. Ask for a list of your company’s panel doctors.  This should be posted but request one.
  3. Select an appropriate doctor from the list and seek treatment from a panel doctor.  Remember in most cases you are obligated to treat with the panel doctor for 90 days after your first treatment.
  4. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and restrictions.
  5. Speak with a worker’s compensation attorney.  Generally, the earlier in your case you speak with a lawyer the less delay you will have if your employer chooses not to pay you.
  6. When you receive the report from the Department of Labor and Industry carefully check that the injury listed on the report is the same injury as your doctor treated.
  7. If you receive a ‘Notice of Compensation Payable’ double check that your wages are stated correctly.
  8. If you receive a ‘Denial of Claim’ immediately call an attorney.
  9. If you are offered an alternative job while you heal, make sure the job duties fall within your doctor’s restrictions.
  10. Make sure to follow your doctor’s restrictions both at work and at home.