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  • 10 Things To Do If You Suffered An Injury At Work

    Posted on September 12, 2013 in Injury At Work

    Notify your supervisor and fill out an incident report.  If your supervisor does not fill out or provide you with an incident report speak to their supervisor.  If you are unable to get an incident report send a dated letter informing the company of the injury. Ask for a list of your company’s panel doctors.  This should be posted but request one. Select an appropriate doctor from the list and seek treatment from a panel doctor.  Remember in most cases you are obligated to treat with the panel doctor for 90 days after your first treatment. Foll…


    10 Things You Should Do If Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident

    Posted on August 23, 2013 in Auto Accident

    Contact the local police and have them document the accident scene. Get the name and address of the other driver. Get the insurance information from the other driver. Seek medical treatment if injured/Continue to follow your Doctors instructions. Make a list of all the doctors and hospitals you have treated with in the last 5 years. Keep a journal of all your medical treatment. Contact your insurance company to establish a claim. Contact your insurance agent to obtain a declarations page of your car insuran…


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